ETAP Real Time Monitoring

ETAP Power System Analysis Software

ETAP Canada offers a wide range of network analysis applications for electrical engineering. Modules are available to analyze generation plants, large industrial facilities, transmission systems, distribution systems as well as small commercial facilities.
ETAP Canada Software can be used offline for power system simulation, online for real-time data management, or used to control real time systems. ETAP is also customizable; enabling clients to utilize the portions of the application they require without having to purchase the entire package.
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Arc Flash Labels

Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis is a crucial element of managing today’s industrial power systems. Electrical engineers perform these calculations to acquire electrical and safety information to greatly reduce the risk in operating electrical systems. ETAP software offers an analysis tool to perform both Arc Flash and Shock Hazard calculations. The software results also include the relevant reports and labels. Learn more about ETAP’s Arc Flash Software.

ETAP Real Time

Power System Analysis

The most common use of ETAP is for power system analysis and as electrical design software. Over 50,000 engineers worldwide rely upon ETAP software to design almost every kind of electrical power system. The software is used by consultants and end-users for analysis and simulation of industrial systems, generation facilities, oil & gas, mining, education, government, nuclear, manufacturing, and transmission & distribution.
A key benefit of ETAP is its seamless design where each module works in concert with the others under a single database. ETAP power analysis software includes modules for Device Coordination & Selectivity, Load Flow, Short Circuit, Motor Acceleration/Starting, Transient Stability, and Reliability Assessment. The software meets the worlds most stringent quality assurance requirements including ISO, CSA, CFR, ANSI, and ASME.

Real time power systems analysis for prediction of system behavior

ETAP Real Time Systems

ETAP offers a real-time Enterprise Solution for Energy Management Systems. Its suite of applications offer fully-integrated intelligent power system monitoring, demand and load side energy management software, generation control, economic dispatch, interchange scheduling, reserve management, load restoration, electrical system optimization, advanced automation, real-time prediction, and substation automation.

ETAP has gone beyond traditional data acquisition systems to become an intelligent power management solution. It is used by system operators, dispatch, engineering, and facility decision makers. ETAP real time is customizable for use in large industrial facilities, transmission and distribution networks, generation facilities, and mining applications. Learn more about ETAP Real-Time Software.

Wind Turbine Modeling Analysis

Wind Turbine Modeling/Analysis (Renewable Energy)

ETAP has embraced the global demand for enabling the use of renewable energy by developing a Wind Farm analysis module. Wind Turbine Generator analysis enables engineers to design and monitor wind turbine farms via a flexible graphic interface.

Wind Turbine analysis is fully integrated with ETAP calculation modules such as Load Flow, Short Circuit, Transient Stability, Harmonic Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, and ETAP Real-Time for both steady-state and dynamic simulation. User-defined actions may be implemented to simulate disturbances such as relay operations and wind variation. Wind Turbine analysis can be used to predict the response of each individual wind turbine generator.

Results from wind turbine analysis help engineers determine alternative turbine placement, control parameter tuning, placement and refined selection of protective devices, as well as sizing associated electrical equipment.

Learn more about ETAP’s Wind Power Software Module.