ETAP® Releases ETAP 11 – Enhanced Power System Engineering Software

Edmonton, AB – November 1, 2011 – The developers of ETAP enterprise software solution for power systems, Operation Technology, Inc. (OTI), announced today the release of ETAP 11.0. The new ETAP 11 release demonstrates ETAP’s ongoing dedication to clients and business partners to continue to provide integrated analytical solutions for the design and operation of power systems for the energy technology industry.

ETAP 11 has been enhanced to include a number of new features, several new analysis modules, new elements and libraries, and significant advancements to existing modules. Many of the new and enhanced functionalities are based on user feedback and were, in fact, beta tested at several existing customer sites prior to its release. The release will automatically be delivered to all ETAP customers with an active maintenance contract.

“ETAP 11 is a milestone for our 25 year history with power system software development,” says Darcy Braun, Manager at ETAP Canada Ltd. “ETAP 11 raises the bar for power system analysis with its new content and major enhancements.”

ETAP 11 provides an integrated and collaborative environment through multi-user data management and project merge capabilities. The data manager feature allows for creation and viewing of electrical data changes between revisions, as well as managing electrical data and engineering properties. Comprehensive renewable energy models for wind turbine generator and photovoltaic array with manufacturers’ specific libraries, combined with full spectrum power system analysis, have been added to this release. ETAP 11 also offers a graphical user-defined dynamic modeling (UDM) module. This logic editor interface provides an interactive graphical environment to build, simulate and test a variety of control block diagrams. A demo version of ETAP 11 is also available on the website. A new ETAP Real-Time web-based interface and thin-client architecture offers advanced visualization and a rich user experience with secured access and minimum footprint.

To view a complete listing of ETAP 11 upgrades please visit the website to download the New Features brochure.

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