ETAP 11 is now available!

The latest ETAP 11 release delivers new and enhanced engineering design and system operation software for transmission, distribution, generation, industrial, railways, data centers, and renewable energy. All ETAP users will a valid User Support Contract will receive ETAP 11 automatically. The process will take several weeks for all the packages to ship; we expect everyone to have them by mid-November, 2011.

The release of ETAP 11 includes new functionality and major enhancements outlined below.

New Modules in ETAP 11:

  • NEW Module – Renewable Energy – Wind & Solar
  • NEW Module – Electric Shock Calculation – IEC/BS Standards
  • NEW Module – User-Defined Dynamic Modeling Model Builder
  • NEW Module – DC Arc Flash Analysis

Enhancements to Existing Modules:

Major enhancements were made to Protective Device Coordination, Arc Flash Analysis, Underground Raceway Systems, Cable Systems, Load Flow, Motor Acceleration, Harmonic Analysis, Unbalanced Load Flow and Transient Stability.

Merging projects ETAP is now easier and faster; it includes coordination plots as well. The Data Exchange Module with Microsoft Excel ® is now bi-directional. UPS and VFD modeling has been significantly enhanced,  and we’ve add a new component to model solar panels.

A summary of the new features is available in the ETAP 11 New Features Brochure.

Additionally, screenshots are shown below with examples of some of the changes.

Merging ETAP Projects

Data Manager for ETAP

Dynamic Model Builder

Solar/Photovoltaic Array

Protective Conductor Sizing

Please Contact ETAP Canada to learn more about ETAP 11 and its new modules and enhancements.