3-D Database

Unique to ETAP utilizes a multi-dimensional database to store project information in order to perform unlimited scenarios for each project file.

  • Configurations (Status of equipment)
  • Presentations (Views of the system)
  • Store Design, As-Built, and Revision Data


Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional database using an orthogonal structure
  • Unlimited presentations, configurations and revisions
  • Store sets of loading & generation conditions
  • Real-time data and be used/stored
  • Save study cases
  • Microsoft Access / SQL Server back-end with ODBC interface
  • Store unlimited content in the System Dumpster
  • Level C2 Nuclear-Grade security access including password protection
  • Date-Stamped data including Edited-by & checked-by information
  • Utilize clipboard to merge project files
  • Element properties can be locked / unlocked
  • Equipment conditions can be tracked
  • Connectivity with a Local SQL server
  • ETAP project collaboration using Project Merge: License dependent