Cable Pulling Proper cable system design includes cable pulling for conduits. By performing cable pulling analysis, you avoid being overly conservative in your design and you avoid underestimating the stress expected on the cables during installation. Accurate analysis provides accurate cost estimates to streamline construction and avoid un-necessary project delays.

ETAP cable pulling software enables multiple cables of different sizes to be pulled three dimensionally in both directions to determine the optimal starting point for each situation.
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Calculations are performed for each conduit, each bend radius, and each change in 3D direction.
Cable Pulling Software
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Key Features

  • Utilize existing cables on your ETAP project
  • Multiple cables can be pulled
  • Utilize any pull geometry
  • Seamlessly uses the ETAP Cable Library
  • Graphical 3D display of the pulling path


  • Forward and reverse pulling tensions are calculated
  • Pulling tension is determined at each bend point
  • Utilize sidewall pressure to determine maximum tension
  • Determine the fill percentage of the conduit
  • Automatically compare pulling tensions and maximum tension limits
  • Document possible conduit jamming
  • Able to model non-planer segments with non-zero slopes and horizontal bends
  • Account for distance and tension from the reel
  • Enables engineers to utilize a tolerance for cable weights & outside diameters
  • Includes reduction factors for allowable tension when pulling multiple cables
  • Cable configurations include cradled & triangular
  • Alert and summary windows


  • Report the total length of the pull
  • Summary cable pulling results
  • Graphically document cable tensions that exceed limits
  • Display limit violations for conduit percent fill
  • Document non-conformance of NEC code requirements
  • Display cable pulling results graphically
  • Forward & reverse pull, as well as side wall tension are reported including any violations
  • Display a pulling schematic showing bend & segment plots
  • Display the conduit cross-section showing cables within conduit
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» Download Cable Pulling Software PDF