Both DC and AC Arc Flash Analysis are important hazard assessment components of Power Systems Analysis software. ETAP’s DC Arc Flash Analysis module calculates the DC incident energy for different types of applications including high-impact facilities, renewable energy sites, as well as battery banks for substations and nuclear generating plants.


The ETAP DC Arc Flash module complies with NFPA 70E 2012 Annex D.8. This new edition to the NFPA 70E standard focuses on direct current incident energy calculations. This enables engineer to determine DC arc flash incident energy values and calculate conservative results.


DC Arc Flash Calculation Methods

Maximum Power

Stokes & Oppenlander



DC Arc Flash Analysis Key Features

Determine DC incident energy

Calculate the DC arc flash boundaries

Determine Fault Clearing Time from DC protective devices

Model batteries, UPS, chargers, DC motors, & AC-DC converters

Print arc flash labels

Warning Tags Images

Automatically detect problem areas

Seamless integration with DC Short Circuit module and DC one-line diagram

Export arc flash results to MS Excel

DC Arc Flash Result Analyzer automatically summarizes multiple scenarios

Fully integrated with industry standards & nuclear grade DC modules