Primary Functionality

Demand-Side Management (DSM)

ETAP DSM maintains the power system’s operational integrity while enabling a more economical and reliable operation. DSM evaluates system criteria on a real-time basis to determine if energy-reducing strategies can be implemented. This includes efficiency and peak usage movement as well as rate schedule shifting to improve the bottom line.

DSM identifies and illustrates variations in electrical load profiles by determining if and when peak demand usage occurs in a facility. Incorporating this information along with hourly, daily, monthly, or specific utility surcharges, an operational plan amendment can be suggested to reduce or eliminate additional tariffs/penalties.

Non-critical loads can be shed during situations where peak electrical demand threatens to increase your electrical bill and reduce the operating profit of your facility.
Demand Side Management / Load Management - ETAP iSub

Intelligent Load Management (ILM)

ETAP ILM intelligently provides solutions to maximize the value of your energy investment and minimize operating costs.

ILM implements control strategies to avoid situations where an unforeseen peak demand period might “ratchet” or lock you into an expensive electrical surcharge for the balance of the month or significant period of time.

ILM enables an orderly cycle-down of your plant operations during electrical disturbances such as undervoltage, loss of phase, or poor power quality. This can avoid costly material losses, as well as improving operator safety for plant staff and contractors.

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