System Reliability Analysis Software

Electrical Reliability Assessment

Reliability is considered one of the most important aspects of operating large industrial and utility electrical networks. With ETAP Reliability Assessment, performing advanced reliability assessment for electrical power systems and thorough distribution reliability analysis for distribution power systems is paramount for estimating overall performance of power systems. Using flexible input parameters as well as built-in library data, results can be obtained for both radial and looped/mesh networks. Well-designed calculation methods enable engineers to customize the level of system design and reports.


  • System reliability (industrial and distribution)
  • Indices – customer-oriented & utility-oriented
  • Indices – bus & load-point
  • Cost indices for energy
  • Electrical reliability sensitivity analysis
  • Single & double contingency reliability analysis

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  • Each component – model reliability characteristics
  • User-defined settings
  • Rank the relative impact of each element contribution to energy/cost indices
  • Calculate impact of simultaneous failures
  • User-selectable plots including component types
  • Assessment of quality and availability of power
  • Powerful tool for long-term planning
  • Determine effectiveness of system redundancy

Customer Oriented Indices:

  • System Average Interruption – Frequency [SAIFI]
  • System Average Interruption – Duration [SAIDI]
  • Customer Average Interruption – Duration [CAIDI]
  • Average Service Availability – [ASAI]
  • Average Service Unavailability – [ASUI]
  • Customer Damage Function (Interruption Cost) – [CDF]

Energy/Cost Indices:

  • Expected Energy Not Supplied – [EENS] sensitivity
  • Expected Interruption Cost – [ECOST] sensitivity
  • Element contributions to the EENS/ECOST and their rankings
  • Relative order of impact from contributing components to EENS & ECOST
  • Interrupted Energy Assessment Rate – [IEAR]
  • Component-level and interruption cost libraries

System Reliability Indices:

  • Average failure rate – [l]
  • Average outage duration – [r]
  • Annual outage duration – [U]


  • Chart of reliability results
  • Load point & bus reliability indices
  • Detailed system reliability indices
  • Sensitivity analysis including EENS & ECOST

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