Energy Management System

This intelligent energy management suite is designed to improve system performance by increasing reliability, reducing energy consumption, improving system utilization, predicting electrical system performance, and optimizing energy usage. ETAP EMS applications utilize real-time data including as generation & tie-line load flows, frequency, as well as the plant units’ controller status to provide system changes.

Energy Management System Software

Energy Management Software Key Features:

  • Overload, over/undervoltage – Automatic control
  • Automatic control of circuit breakers, relays, and LTCs
  • Optimization control – Automatic steady-state
  • User-defined chain of logic controls and action validations
  • Dynamic economic dispatch
  • Load sharing for generation averaging
  • Minimize real and reactive losses
  • Voltage security index maximization
  • Spin reserve optimization
  • Inhibitive & permissive intelligent controls
  • Reduction of power factor penalties
  • Assessment of energy cost
  • Advisory/Supervisory control
  • Simulator for control systems
  • Optimized performance for peak shaving
  • Generation control – Intelligent/Learning
  • Optimization for fuel cost

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