IEC Cable Ampacity

  • – IEC 60364-5-52 – Selection and Erection of Electrical Equipment – Wiring Systems

The IEC cable ampacity analysis program is capable of calculating the derated ampacity for a wide range of installation types.

Types of installation (Some Types Require British Standard Module):

  • A/G Conduit
  • A/G Trays
  • Air Drop – Suspended
  • Architrave
  • Brackets
  • Building Voids
  • Channel
  • Cleats
  • Embedded Direct
  • Ladder
  • Masonry
  • Open & Clipped
  • Trenches
  • Trunking
  • U/G Direct Buried
  • U/G Duct Bank
  • Window Frame
  • Wire Mesh

IEC Protective Earthing Conductor Sizing

  • – IEC 60364-5-54 – Selection and Erection of Electrical Equipment – Earthing Arrangements and Protective Conductors

ETAP Protective Earthing Conductor Sizing Software Key Features

  • IEC 60364-5-54 Standard
  • Protective earthing thermal requirements
  • Protective eathing sizing
  • User-defined fault current and fault clearing time
  • Reports in Crystal Reports and MS Excel
  • Considers leakage current during calculation


  • Neutral Grounding/PE Sizing Report
  • Summary Report

IEC Electric Shock Protection

  • IEC 60364-4-41 – Low Voltage Electrical Installations – Protection against Electrical Shock

ETAP Electric Shock Protection Software Key Features

  • IEC 60364-4-41 Standard
  • TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S, TT & IT Earthing Types
  • Electric shock requirements
  • Loop impedance and current calculation
  • Touch voltage calculation and evaluation
  • Calculation considers resistance to ground / earth
  • Ground Fault Current Interrupter (GFCI) or Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) or Residual Current Detector (RCD) protection
  • Reports in Crystal Reports and MS Excel


The Electric Shock Protection report formats are in accordance with BS 7671, Appendix 6, Model Forms and are customizable using Microsoft Word:

  • Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate
  • Period Inspection Report for an Electrical Installation