Motor Starting Software

Motor Starting Simulation

The Motor Acceleration module provides engineers with a robust tool to evaluate the starting, stop, and restarting of motors and other loads. Motor starting analysis includes the ability to transition the entire power system from one loading state to another loading state.

Advanced tools within Motor Acceleration include functions for changing the percent loading of machines and to sequence-start machines. Analysis includes static models and dynamic models as well as the simulation of Load Tap Changers. Load applications include synchronous and induction motors as well as Motor Operated Valves (MOVs).

  • Motor acceleration (dynamic)
  • Motor starting (static)
  • System voltage flicker
  • Dynamic models for motors & loads
  • Motor starting equipment including soft-starters
  • Sequence starting
  • Percent load transitioning
  • Detailed alarms & warnings

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  • Start / stop / restart multiple motors
  • Unlimited events in each scenario
  • Response comparison from multiple motor starters
  • Simulate load change of running motors
  • Adjust generator operating parameters
  • Simulate load tap changers and voltage regulators
  • Simulate up to five operating stages of MOVs

Key Features:

  • Turn on/off capacitor banks and static loads
  • Detailed pre-start conditions for loading and generation
  • Enable load-group actions
  • Start motors individually or by bus
  • Test fast bus transfer voltage impacts using load transitioning
  • Unlimited scenarios available
  • Library motor nameplate data
  • Library motor circuit model data
  • Library motor characteristic model data
  • Library of load models via equations
  • Seamless integration with parameter estimation module
  • Re-run multiple simulations via the Study Wizard


  • Display time-varying result graphically
  • Marginal and critical alarms for abnormal conditions
  • Display under/over voltage
  • Extensive plots for motors and buses
  • One-line diagrams export to third party CAD systems

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