Base Package – One-Line Diagram

The ETAP One-Line Diagram is used to create and visually manage the electrical schematics and electrical drawings. This electrical drawing software enables you to model, monitor, and interactively manage the complete electrical power system network as well as perform multiple simultaneous scenario simulations. Results are graphically displayed on the one-line diagrams. Numerous features include multi-level nesting of sub-systems, interfaces for management of switching devices, rotatable symbols, and a unique multi-dimensional database system.
Significant enhancements have been added to the one-line diagram in ETAP to make it more intelligent, easier-to-use, and more accurate than ever before.

ETAP One-Line Diagram

Key Features

  • Intelligent graphics
  • Multiple layers of detailed one-line diagrams
  • Single-Phase, 3-Phase, & DC are integrated
  • Multiple grid sources and generators
  • Simulation results displayed on one-lines
  • Undo and redo done graphically
  • Mirroring of relays & current transformers
  • Defined polarity of current transformers
  • Symbols can have user-defined text
  • Automatic propagation of voltage during design
  • Tools for easy graphical alignment
  • Rotation of groups of elements
  • Font types, styles, & colors are customizable
  • Display of ratings & results is customizable
  • Equipment impedance & grounding is displayed
  • Overstressed devices & alerts is displayed
  • Protective devices & grounding systems can be hidden or shown
  • Phase connection is propagated during design
  • Graphical display of energized & de-energized equipment
  • Dynamic link text box editor
  • ActiveX control integration and OLE objects
  • Place hyperlinks on the one-line
  • Crystal Reports® customizable output reports
  • Batch printing with multi-printer settings
  • Auto-select via Alt + Click
  • Expandable library of one one-line templates
  • Symbol library with an alternative symbol sets
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