ETAP Real-Time is a suite of software tools that offers a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Through 24/7 monitoring, simulation, and optimization of electrical systems that are in place, ETAP can improve system efficiency, reduce losses, and increase profits.

ETAP Real-Time benefits operations, engineering, financial, maintenance, and system planning. It provides an Intelligent Energy Management System for Operators, Managers, & Engineers.

Real Time Monitoring

Reduce Energy Usage provides ongoing savings for electricity costs.
Optimize System Operation enables significant savings via operation costs.
Improve Power System Reliability reduces outages & downtime.

Real Time Savings Pyramid

Power Management System (PSMS)
Energy Management System (EMS)
Fast Load Shedding (ILS)
Substation Automation System (iSub)

Fact sheets for Real-Time Power Analysis:

Video presentations are here.