Renewable Energy – Wind & Solar

ETAP has embraced the global demand for enabling the use of renewable energy by developing Wind Farm analysis and Solar Array analysis. Wind Turbine Generator analysis enables engineers to design and monitor detailed wind turbines via a flexible graphic interface. Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) Arrays can be accurately modeled and analyzed to model any size of solar farm.

The Renewable Energy module is fully integrated with ETAP calculation modules such as Load Flow, Short Circuit, Transient Stability, Harmonic Analysis, Protective Device Coordination, and ETAP Real-Time for both steady-state and dynamic simulation. User-defined actions may be implemented to simulate disturbances such as relay operations, solar cycles, and wind variation.

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The Solar/Photovoltaic Analysis enables you to model unlimited solar panels individually or in arrays. There is a built-in solar irradiance calculator to determine irradiance at a specified time, date and location. Utilize solar irradiance changes to determine its impact on the solar farm output.

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The ETAP Renewable Energy module is currently being used for real-time monitoring of power exchange at the third largest wind farm in the United States.

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