ETAP Smart Grid Enterprise

ETAP Smart Grid Enterprise solution offers a comprehensive range of electric utility software applications and strategies and to enable utilities to plan, coordinate and safely perform power grid operations. ETAP Smart Grid encompasses state-of-the-art ETAP Real-Time technologies including Distribution Management System. It provides mission critical applications for power distribution networks from industrial to broad scale transmission and distribution networks.

ETAP Smart Grid integrates into existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems and uses the data layer to quickly calculate and summarize information in order to make viable operational and business decisions.

ETAP Smart Grid enables you to visualize, control, manage, optimize, summarize and automate your power distribution networks. Capabilities include:

Reduce peak demand and optimizes network assets proactively, while assisting distribution networks to deliver electricity more securely, reliably, economically and efficiently. You will obtain the greatest possible Return-on-Investment using our open interfaces and real-time applications, while effectively automating your electrical distribution operation.

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