ETAP Substation Automation Management System Software

The brain of the substation, iSub, interfaces with its peers to adapt and respond to dynamically changing system conditions. Since iSub is built on the ETAP platform, it can seamlessly interface with ETAP. This enables you to do distributed control for electrical power systems with access to all of the necessary ETAP Real-Time software functionalities.

Substation Automation Management System Software

iSub Key Features

  • Interlock supervision – automatic and intelligent
  • Safety procedures are graphically presented
  • Global and local alarm & warnings
  • Detect fault locations
  • Diagnostics for equipment and disturbances
  • Supervisory/advisory control automation
  • Operator tools for substation control
  • Enforce/enable complex logic for protection & coordination
  • Logic Editor programmable with online compiling & execution
  • Switching sequences generated automatically
  • Enterprise-wide view of electrical system via intelligent one-lines
  • Retrieve all data from the substation automatically
  • Multi-Level security control access
  • 3rd party SCADA technology support

iSub Benefits

  • Outage minimization
  • Reduction of maintenance and operating costs
  • Information management enhancements
  • Productivity Increase
  • Asset management Improvements

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