Wizards | Scenario, Study, Project

The ETAP Wizard enables you to create an unlimited number of sets of scenarios to automatically run and report studies. There are three levels with the ETAP Wizards including the Scenario Wizard, a Study Wizard, and a Project Wizard.

Scenario Wizard

Each project may have an unlimited number of scenarios. Scenarios are composed of the following parameters:

  • Configuration
  • Presentation (one-lines, raceways, and control diagrams)
  • Revision Data (base and/or revision)
  • Calculation/Analysis type (load flow, short circuit)
  • Calculation Sub-type (L-G fault, dynamic acceleration, harmonic frequency scan)
  • Study case parameters (loading/generation categories, diversity factors, alerts)
  • Name of output report

When a scenario is run, it will generate an output report and display the results on screen.

Study Wizard

The Study Wizard creates a sequence of unlimited scenarios into a Study Macro. Each project can have an unlimited number of Study Macros.

Running a Study Macro each scenario, one at a time, creating output reports and dynamically displaying the graphically.
One common example is to group all Load Flow related scenarios into a single Study Macro, Short Circuit related scenarios into another Study Macro, etc.

Project Wizard

The Project Wizard creates groups of Study Macros, so you can run all the saved Scenarios from any/all Macros with the push of a single button.

The Project Wizards automatically opens/closes Study Macros, saves reports, and dynamically displays results.

Reprinted with permission from ETAP.com